Founded 1909

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Non FAC holders: To visit the club prior to probationary membership being authorised, the above declaration will need to be signed and handed into the club.

Chobham and District Rifle Club has facilities to shoot small-bore target rifle, lightweight sport rifle, air rifle and air pistol at our range in the village of Chobham, Surrey.

The club has an indoor air 10m range with 3 firing points and electronic target changers, a 25 yard indoor range with 6 firing points and a 50-metre/50 yard outdoor range with 6 covered firing points.

Applications for membership are accepted from age 12. A small fee is paid on application to join the Club and, on subsequent visits, an attendance fee is payable until full membership is awarded. Thereafter, an annual subscription is charged; however, insurance cover is required. (Insurance cover is provided by the club for probationary members).

Anyone (who is not a current Firearm Certificate Holder) wishing to shoot at the club for the first time must inform the Membership Secretary (email the secretary using the address in the Contact Us tab and your email will be sent to the secretary and membership secretary) in advance and complete a probationary membership application form (link above) and a Probationary Membership Form (link above). It is also required by law that Surrey Police perform background checks on the applicant and close family.

The applicant must attend an introductory safety talk; these are held every few months. Attendance is by invitation only. At certain times a waiting list may be in operation to enable the ratio of shooters to instructors to be controlled.

Probationary membership must be taken out before firearms can be handled.

The probationary membership period usually lasts for approximately 6 months and is required by law to be a minimum of 3 months. This must be served before "full" member status can be considered by the committee (those with an FAC may be offered full membership in a shorter period). During the probationary period close supervision will be provided and regular attendance at the Friday or Wednesday evening training sessions (discipline dependent) is required. If a probationary member does not attend at the club for a 6 month period without notification of exceptional circumstances the probationary membership will be revoked and the individual would be required to go through the application process again. If a probationary member does not complete the necessary probationary training within a 12 month period they will be required to pay the initial application fee again. It will be at the committee's discretion whether to remove a probationary member's status.

For live-fire 0.22" disciplines, the club applies the strict rules governing application for membership in accordance with Home Office and local Police guidelines. Those wishing to shoot target air rifle or target pistol can do so on one occasion only before becoming a probationary member and adhering to the guidelines outlined above.

Once full club membership is granted there are many competitions (club, county, National etc.)in all disciplines that members are able to compete in. The club encourages the promotion of the sport of target shooting in a safe, professional and friendly environment. We would encourage prospective members to arrange a visit to the club.

Please contact the membership secretary via the Secretary email address for further information and to arrange a visit or request membership forms (if you cannot print from the links on this page).

Instruction and coaching is available from Club instructors with years of experience - for the beginner through to the international standard shooter and is free of charge.

Beginners will receive training in safety, equipment and shooting technique. After a certain level of competence has been proven, novices are allowed to shoot under the normal supervision of the Range Officer. 'Air' rifle shooters who choose to move onto live fire disciplines must achieve a qualifying score average and demonstrate safe practice and range etiquette before doing so.

Club-owned rifles, scopes, jackets, slings and gloves etc. are available for use - free of charge. During a session all items remain the responsibility of the original borrower until returned to the Range Officer. Always hand firearms, and any unused ammunition, back to the Range Officer for safe return to the Armoury. Items are NOT to be removed from the Clubhouse without the express written permission of the Secretary.

Appropriate hearing protection is recommended for all disciplines.

Guidance is available to anyone who wishes to purchase or upgrade equipment or firearms. Newcomers to the sport, in particular, do not necessarily need to buy brand new shooting equipment; there is an established network for locating good quality second-hand equipment.