Founded 1909

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Our Ranges

CCTV - The club has a CCTV system.

Indoor Rim-fire 20/25 yard

Approved for subsonic 0.22" rim-fire cartridge only.
6 firing points for rifle (Prone, Standing, Kneeling and Light Weight Sport Rifle)

Indoor 10 metre 'air' range

0.177" Target Air Rifle and Air Pistols only - hunting/garden guns are generally too powerful and will damage the pellet catchers.
3 firing points with electrically operated target changers.

Out-door Rim-fire 50yard/50m Range

The range has 6 covered firing points and may be used until 21.00hrs if there is enough light. The range is approved for subsonic 0.22" cartridge rifle only and is certified for Prone, Standing and Kneeling rifle and bench-rest.

The use of the outdoor Rim-Fire range is restricted to shooters achieving a qualifying 'average' on the indoor Rim-Fire range in the discipline to be shot outside.

Range Availability

Range availability depends on a key-holder opening up the Club

Monday - Full members Prone

Tuesday - Probationers and Full members, Armoury open, Inductions, LW Sporting, Benchrest and Air rifle/pistol.

Wednesday - Full members and Probationers Prone, Armoury open.

Thursday - Full members Benchrest, Armoury open.

Friday - Probationers and full members, Armoury open, Inductions, LW Sporting, Benchrest and Air rifle/pistol.

Saturday - Key holders
Sunday - Key holders

The 50m range is open to authorised users during daylight hours after 9am everyday.

The Air gun range is available when the club is open - for both Air Rifle and Air Pistol

The Club is sited next to the Recreation Ground in Station Road, Chobham and has limited parking. The Clubhouse has toilets and kitchenette facilities and provides access to two indoor ranges.